Visualization and multivariate data analysis


Multivariate data analysis, evaluation and visualization are important tools in understanding the complex and comprehensive results obtained with a metabolomics experiment. MS-Omics offers a variaty of visualization tools as part of our standard service. We also multivariate data analysis as a stand-alone service.


Examples of PCA plots and bar charts are presented below.


The PCA plot show the score plot of a fermentation on the left part of the figure. It shows how the metabolite profiles changes through the days. The fermentations start in the lower left quadrant and then moves right and upwards, with samples every second day just before feeding. Two of the fermentations end in the upper part of the figure, whereas the green fermentation did not seem to reach as far.


On the loading plot can be seen the compounds. The location of the plot indicates the highest concentration of the compounds. For example asparagine and ornithine are high in the start samples and depleted/almost depleted at the end of the fermentations. The compounds located near the end of the fermentations in the upper part of the figure are the compounds which accumulate during fermentation. Compounds that accumulate might be inhibitory to the fermentation or be supplied in excess in the growth media.

The bar plot shows the three diffrent fermentations in red, green and light blue and examples of some of the compounds measured. The samples were taken just before feeding on day 5, 7, 10, 12 and 14. The media were analyzed as well and are shown in dark blue (M1 to M4).