The microbiome


The human microbiome consists of up to 1400 grams of bacteria, which outnumbers the number of cells in the human body by a factor of 10. The microbiome is being linked to a variaty of diseases from diabetes and depression to intestinal diseases. Studying the microbiome requires the best tools available. MS-Omics can apply metabolomics to study the effect of the microbiome on the metabolites in tissue, faeces, blood and urine.


To provide customers with a full range of services to investigate the microbiome we have a strong and very competent partner: "Clinical-Microbiomics". They are specialists in characterizing the composition of bacterial species in the microbiome by application of next-generation sequencing. Click on their logo to visit their homepage:

Samples for metabolomics


Metabolomics is a powerful technique, which enables comprehensive characterization of nearly all the metabolites in a biological sample. The measurement of the metabolites may be utilized for biomarker discovery, development of diagnostics, process and yield optimization, mode-of-action studies, characterization of microorganisms etc.


MS-Omics has experince with a wide range of samples types. Most biological samples can be analyzed with the GC-MS and LC-MS methods applied. Please contact us with questions about suitability of your samples for metabolomics.