Metabolomics methods


MS-Omics offer services and collaborations to assist you with analytical chemistry and advanced data handling. We have several metabolomics methods available for characterization of your samples. We offer both LC-MS and GC-MS methods covering a wide range of metabolites like amino acids, free fatty acids, carbohydrates, organic acids, nucleocompounds, and vitamins.

Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA): Information about the GC-MS method


Amino acids, TCA metabolites and other organic acids: Information about the GC-MS method with methyl chloroformate derivatization


Identification of unknown metabolites from GC-MS experiments


Vitamins, carbohydrates, nucleo-compounds etc: Information about LC-MS metabolomics by application of HILIC


Characterization of samples by MS-Omics can range from simple chemical analysis of a few compounds, to participation in all the steps from design of experiments through complex chemical analysis of samples and advanced data analysis and interpretations. In addition to our standard methods, we offer to develop tailor made methods that suites the needs for your specific project.