About MS-Omics




MS-Omics is a Danish company founded in 2014 by Lea Giørtz Johnsen and Morten Danielsen. Before founding MS-Omics we worked in the food and biotech industry for many years with the application of analytical chemistry.


MS-Omics was working as an independent company located at University of Copenhagen in close collaboration with the Research Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry (RAACE), Prof. Jan H. Christensen and the chemometrics group of Prof. Rasmus Bro (Quality and Technology in the department of Food Science) from 2014-2018.


In 2018 we moved to Vedbæk north of Copenhagen, where we established new laboratories and increased our capacity.


A publication in Danish about MS-Omics and the collaboration with University of Copenhagen can be read here

Collaboration partners

MSC has an extensive range of courses within analytical chemistry, mass spectrometri and biotech related subjects. MSC was established in 1998


Clinical-Microbiomics is a dedicated contract research organization offering services within the growing field of the human microbiome to clients across pharma, nutrition, food and beverage, animal care, diagnostics, cosmetics and academia. Clinical-Microbiomics offer:

- 16S phylogenetic analysis

- metagenomics

- transcriptomics


RAACE. The Research Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry is headed by Prof. Jan H. Christensen and located at University of Copenhagen.


Quallity & Technology. Research within sensor technology, spectroscopic quality control, process analytical technology, multivariate data analysis, chemometric algorithm development and mathematical chromatography.