GC-MS data processing with PARAFAC2


Imagine you could process all GC-MS runs from an experiment in a single workflow. Imagine that the workflow would extract all compounds from small peaks and overlapping peaks and that the MS-spectra from the compounds would be clean and free of noise so that your NIST search would be much easier to interpret. A dataset with less noise, many more compounds, and better identification of unknowns might revolutionize your interpretation of the data! PARAFAC2 is the solution!

PARAFAC2 highlights:

-Simultaneous processing of all GC-MS runs from an experiment

-More compounds → more value

-Clean MS-Spectra → better NIST library hit

-Less noise in final data → more conclusive results


MS-Omics has developed software for analyses of GC-MS applying PARAFAC2, which enables us to use PARAFAC2 in a fast, robust and quality driven manner. Go to our PARAFAC2 information page for more information.


MS-Omics applies PARAFAC2 to all our GC-MS experiments thus delivering better results with more compounds and cleaner MS-spectra.


"Even for a well characterized GC-MS dataset, MS-Omics extracted additional valuable information by processing the data with PARAFAC2"


Prof. Marie Bengtsson and Tobias Lindblom, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

GC-MS data processing service


We can analyze your data with PARAFAC2


The outcome will include:

-A matrix of samples by putative compounds with relative concentrations

-The pure spectra for these compounds

-Principal component analysis (PCA) of the results

-Top 10 NIST hits for each compound

-Result file for NIST library searches


List price: 1600 € /sample set (5-200 samples)


Please inquire for suitability of your data for PARAFAC2 analysis.


PARAFAC2 training course


-Introduction to deconvolution principles

-The theory behind PARAFAC2

-Advantages and limitations of PARAFAC2

-Introduction to PARAFAC2 tools

-Optimization and validation of results


Next course: 28 April 2017 in Copenhagen. Price: 700 € for a one day course with maximum six participants and including course materials and food. A two-hour consultancy session on your own data after the course is included.


Enrollment at our training course collaborater: MSC


Questions: Morten Danielsen, phone: +45 28 45 28 14


Customized courses at your location, price: please inquire